Mobile Devices

The iPad and iPhone are quickly being integrated into Agee Farms precision farming tools. The ability to load as applied maps onto the devices and use the devices GPS signal to scout fields and check plots is making us faster at diagnosing and treating any issues in a field. These devices also allow us to return to the same spot in a field at different growth stages if needed.

The On-Board ComputerThe computer is the brain of precision farming. This computer can be uploaded with various software packages to control many different farming tasks. These computers can control several operations simultaneously if needed. The monitors on these computers are often touch screen, which eliminates any keyboards in the tractor cabs. Agee farms currently uses the John Deere GS2 2600 or the John Deere GS3 2630 computer to control operations. We currently can control tractor steering functions (auto-trac), section control (swath control), and rate controllers with our computers. These computers also record many different measurements of an operation. 


Auto-trac is an automated steering software that controls the tractors steering
mechanism to follow a computer generated GPS referenced line spaced evenly across a field. This technology allows us to reach maximum efficiency from pass to pass as an overlap is no longer needed to ensure complete coverage. We can also record predetermined lines such as along the edge of a field. We then can follow this line at a later time, which makes starting a field easier.


Swath Control

SwathControl uses a geo referenced coverage map recorded by the on board computer and engages or shuts off an operations so that minimal overlap occurs.  We use this technology on our planters and sprayers to minimize the costs associated with wasted seed or chemical.

Agee Farms uses Our Own Proprietary Farm Management Software to manage our GIS data. This program allows us to manage or create guidance lines, create boundaries for the swath control to operate more effectively, write variable-rate prescriptions

for any operation to be done in a certain field.  This software is also used to read all the recorded operations off of the on board computers in the machinery. These maps allow us to visually see what products and how much of it went in a certain spot. After the combine harvests the field a geo referenced yield map is made and allows us to see if a previous applied product is helping or hurting grain yields in a certain location of the field.

All precision farming operations begin with two components. A GPS receiver and a computer or controller.

The GPS Receiver Agee Farms uses the Real Time Kinematic (RTK) signal as the backbone of our precision  farming operations. RTK allows us to repeat any operation within centimeters of the original operation. We are currently using John Deere Starfire 3000 receivers to acquire this signal.

Technology is fully integrated with our farm operations. Using the RTK GPS signal we are able to have sub-inch repeatable accuracy to control auto-steering functions, operate swath control, implement variable rate prescriptions, and record spatial data maps of yield, variety placement, fertilizer placement and field operations.

Every major operation on our farm is recorded, producing a GPS referenced as-applied map. We also require any custom operators hired for any operation on our farm to use these same technologies.

We have our Finger on The future of Farming.  Its Called "Precision Agriculture".