Let us help you maximize the return on your farmland investment while maintaining the productivity and value of your land.

 Our current landowners consist of many different situations; retired farmers, families of retired farmers, estate executors, out of state landowners, etc.

The one common thread with all of these landowners is that they all share the same experiences that are found when working with Agee Farms–friendship, honesty, dedication, and timely financial commitments. 

​Our number one goal is to continue to strengthen existing relationships while cultivating new long-term partnerships. We take Pride in the way we farm, and our family understands the responsibility of being good stewards of your Family Farm.

We realize that we must represent our landowners in the most professional way, placing the same value on your reputation as we do our own and will make available upon your request our landowner and financial references.

If you are currently looking for a tenant or maybe just looking for another option, we have many rent and lease options customizable to your needs.

Please feel free to give us a call to with any question or concerns or just to learn a little more about us. 

Landowner Testimonials

​"We enjoy working with the Agee's because of their  blend of Farmlife, Family, Goals, and Humor"

"Friendly, caring hard workers.... ALWAYS a pleasure to see them all. We are so glad to be friends with them. They are family in our book"


“(The Farmer) can bale a family together with the soft, strong bonds of sharing” 
​Paul Harvey, God Made a Farmer